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SERVICES: New Channel and TV Shows Launch

Branding, On-Air Identity Package, Company Naming, Advertising and Promotion, TV Show Production

SMG is often called in to help reinvigorate and revamp major brands that have a long, proud heritage but need to be updated in order to be perceived as more socially and culturally relevant in today's fast and competitive media marketplace.

Both TV Guide's "TV Guide Channel" and their on-line service, "TV Guide SPOT" are good examples of how we successfully assisted a well-recognized brand to expand to include more relevant, new distribution channels.

​​The on-air identity for TV Guide's new cable channel needed to take what readers of TV Guide knew about the brand to exciting, new places. The TV Guide channel does just that with a unique look, style and feel that connects with today's TV audience in innovative new ways..

Via the launch of TV Guide SPOT, by HULU's on-line service, TV Guide was able to extend the brand to many new genres of content and publishing that the standard magazine was never able to do. TV Guide's "SPOT" now delivers entertainment news, gossip programming, and up-close-and-personal stories to an audience that has proven to have an insatiable appetite for everything Hollywood.


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