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SeaCrest  Beach Hotel

Martha's Vineyarders know a little more about you.


SERVICES:  Branding, Hotel Signage, Interior Design, Advertising and Promotion, and On-Going Marketing Support.

Luxury resort hotels require very special branding and identity attention. Since the hotel's logo and brand are viewed virtually everywhere on the property and in the media, it is vital that the continuity of the hotel's overall image is achieved.

SMG's exclusive image make-over and brand identity program successfully fulfilled that goal for this luxury resort. We accomplished this task via a consistent combination of upmarket design and graphics - from the towels to the room signage; from the Health Spa to the Beach Club; from the staff's outfits to the casual but sophisticated ambiance of the entire property. We made sure that everything was branded in an elegant and "beach-chic" manner.  Here are just a few stylish images from this now famous beach resort - which was purchased and totally remodeled by Scout Capital. A job well done!


When Scout Capital needed a firm to take extra care with their celebrity brand for a new Martha's Vineyard world class restaurant they called SMG.

No one has more concern about their brand than when it's part of the family trust, and Red Auerbach's restaurant and bar in the newly remodeled SeaCrest hotel was no exception.

Red's new logo

was inspired by Red's own signature and the Celtics'

clover leaf.

Red Auerbach's at Sea Crest Beach Hotel


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