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SERVICES: New Product Launch

Market Research, Branding, Company Naming, Advertising and Promotion, Website, In-Store Merchandising and On-Going Marketing Support.

American Brand Enterprises Native ® brand proudly represents a new line of healthy and nutritious foods made from ancient natural grains. Ancient grains are not genetically modified. They are gluten free and organic.

This nutritious new line of Super foods -exclusively developed, produced and branded by SMG, will be coming to a store near you - soon!


American Brand Enterprises and Native ® is owned and operated by Anthony J. Ippolito. He is a true entreprenuer and has dedicated his life and now his new business to delivering healthy and nutritious products to consumers.


His personal experiences and tragic story is the motivation that drives him towards success.


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Los Angeles  |  New York

our services

  • Market Research

  • Geographic Analysis

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Comparative Pricing Analysis

  • Demographic Studies

  • Focus Groups

  • Audience Analysis

  • Positioning Strategy

  • Competitve Reseach

  • Company Naming

  • Products & Services Naming

  • Brand Identity | Logos

  • Identity & Standards Manuals

  • Legal Clearances

  • Organizational Structure

  • Management Strategy

  • Job Descriptions

  • New Trends & Innovations

  • Management Systems

  • On-Site Overview

  • Creative Strategy

  • Advertising Campaigns

  • Promotional Campaigns

  • Merchandising 

  • Trade Shows

  • Sales Collateral

  • Corp. Presentations

  • Annual Reports

  • Sales Presentations

  • Graphic Animation

  • Design in all media

  • Website Design & Production

  • Promotional Campaigns

  • Social Media Campaigns

  • Multi-Media Presentations 

  • Corporate Conferencing

  • Mobile Strategies

  • Scripting | Writing

  • Storyboarding

  • Location Services

  • Talent Sourcing 

  • Music & Effects Sourcing

  • Animation

  • Editing | Post Production

  • Duplication | Digital Distribution

  • Resourcing for Publicity and Public Relations Worldwide

  • Sourcing for branded trade show materials

  • Sourcing for uniforms and trade dress

  • Give-aways and other specialties

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